Friday, 3 October 2014

"The Tide is Turning" - Part Six

The US 3ID and 2CAV continued their push towards the Donau. The US planning to cross the Donau and then 2nd CAV would turn west to support the West Germans with 3ID turning towards Regensburg.

US HQ units ready their troops for the river crossing

M1's supported by M901 ITV's  approach the banks of the Donau

US M1's from 3ID approach the Naab River supporting the French AMX30's on their left flank

US forces race towards Regensburg in the distance. This photo shows off Steve Grahams colour coding system on the back edge of his bases.

US forces approach the river.

M1's across the Donau!

Abrams and Bradleys reach the far bank.

Meanwhile more Abrams move up in support

Bradleys cross the Donau

Another US unit makes it across the river under fire from T-72's

M60's cross the bridge supported by M1's as the US forces start their push toward their objectives.


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