Thursday, 30 January 2014

Standing in the Foyer of The Grand Hotel

Suitcase in his hand looking for a bill.


Finished another building for central Tcherbevan. The Grand Hotel will sit on one side of the square at the end of the Culture Ministry Boulevard.


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Andreivian Armour

Three recent ebay purchases, paid about £8.00 for all three! Following on from Richard C's wonderful Andreivian Tales blog in which he states that in the 1960's Andreivia took advantage of their position and purchased several Type 61 tanks from Japan. I am planning on repainting these and basing them up.

Andreivian Monument

Finished the '1991' monument for the central square in Tcherbevan.

The finished '1991' monument

Base complete with weeds and rubbish (is that a ripped up Andreivian National flag around the base!)

Close up of base complete with Coca Cola can!

Ministry of Culture WIP (Part 3)

Nearly finished the Ministry of Culture, just a couple of bits from S&S to add when they arrive in the shape of a rooftop aircon unit and a satellite dish.

The Ministry of Culture just waiting for its S&S bits

The Ministry with its sign and coat of arms.

Close up of the paving slabs complete with weeds.

The balcony where the President makes his state appearances (not many these days too many snipers about!)

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Ministry of Culture WIP (Part 2)

Work continues on the Ministry of Culture for the Arc of Fire (Crisis Point 3) Game in April.

The Ministry is now based on 2mm MDF and individual paving slabs cut from Costa Coffee cardboard carriers have been added. Very time consuming but I am please with the result. 

The Ministry has been given a final coat of Matt Rice Cake from B&Q Colours range and the doors and windows have been stained with Humbrol Rust Wash.

Lidl Modelling Paste has been added around the base and this will be finished off with a coat of paint and then weeds and bits of rubbish will be added. Then I just have the 'Ministry of Culture' sign to finish and this will ready for the table.

Inspired by a recent entry in one of the Guilds Build Competitions (The original was a Stalingrad Monument) I thought I would make a similar one for the central square in Tcherbevan. 

Same 'Costa' paving and Lidl Paste. Just need to finish off the base and this will be ready.


Sunday, 12 January 2014

Ministry of Culture WIP

After meeting up with Richard C at the Penkridge Tabletop Wargames sale last Sunday and discussing the table layout and plans for the Crisis Point 3 event in April I decided I better crack on with some of the terrain. This year its a 20mm Arc of Fire event based on events in the fictional Black Sea country of Andreivia. The capital Tcherbevan is under threat from several factions within the country and several neighboring states. I am responsible for the City Centre area terrain and I have been working on the Andreivian Ministry of Culture. Some WIP shots.

I had started this building a couple of years ago for an Operation Dragoon WWII game which never happened and thought it would be great for the Ministry of Culture.  

On a recent holiday in Barcelona while queueing for the Picasso Museum a street seller was offering fans for 1 euro. Didn't take much notice at first but then my 'wargamers' eye was attracted to the decorative wooden fans. 'Now they could be useful one day' I thought and I was right as can be seen by the decorative windows on the Ministry of Culture.

Another view of the windows.

I decided to remove the porch section from the original models and again make use of the Barcelona fans to make some decorative wooden doors.

Originally it was planned to have a tiled roof on the left hand section but I decided to continue the flat roof theme from the right side so figures can be stood on the roof.

Thanks for looking

Friday, 10 January 2014

2014 Plans

Hope everyone had a great New Year and the Lead Piles have got bigger. Looking forward to 2014 now that the Shed HQ is nearly complete and the swamp of a back garden gets sorted out after all the building work which will make access to the shed easier. Still waiting for the electrician to run some power up to it but hopefully in the next couple of weeks that will be sorted as well. Met up with Richard Crawley on Sunday at the Penkridge Tabletop Wargames sale, lots of WH40K stuff but if you rummage deep there were some bargains to be had. Managed to pick up 4 KV-1's and 3 JS-III's which might make an appearance in the Andreivian game in April. Got a load of 10mm Fantasy Elves for my DBM games plus some other bits and bobs including 20mm buildings and Warhammer trees. But the bargain of the day had to be a box of 12 x 1/300th resin buildings for a pound. These will be added to the growing mountain of buildings to be based for this years CP6 event in September. So plans for 2014 will include finish the 20mm scratch built buildings for the Andreivian capital Tcherbevan along with painting up my Andreivian Government forces (look out for the Japanese Type 61's!!), continue preparations for the CWC MegaGame in September, 10mm DBM, more 20mm Modern stuff for Force on Force, 28mm 1920's/1930's Pulp, 6mm ACW and GWSH WWI. So hopefully 2014 will be a very productive year.