Sunday, 14 December 2014

Tcherbevan Build

With the Christmas break coming up and the gymnastics club closing for a couple of weeks I have got a bit more time to spend building more stuff for Tcherbevan, the capital of Andreivia ready for next years Arc of Fire Crisis Point game. My local Costa Coffee has very kindly been keeping the advertising boards which are made from a heavy duty foam core which are 2' x 2' square. I now have enough of these to cover 12' x 6' and by March should have another 6. I have started to layout Tcherbevan using the boards as base boards. WIP showing two of the boards can be seen below. The space on the other side of the square from the Tchebevan Grand Hotel is where Richard C's superb ATV (Andreivian Television) tower sits. I have reduced the size of the square slightly from last years game to fit all the planned buildings in.

Thanks for looking