Monday, 30 June 2014

Arctic Strike Blog

Since Arctic Strike took place in 2013 I have not posted on this blog but after some thought I really want to revisit this again some time in the future as I think it could make a superb display game at one of the many shows. I am slowly going to update it as I redo parts of the coast and build some purpose built terrain boards. So please check in now and then as this project progresses.

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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Water Water Everywhere

Now the maps are ready for this years CWC Megagame I have started building some of the terrain that will be needed. The northern section of the table will represent the area around Schwandorf and Wackersdorf and a quick look on Google Earth and also a road map of the area shows that one particular feature of this region is a series of lakes which vary in size from small ponds to much larger lakes. Using the 2mm MDF shapes available from East Riding Miniatures I have produced a range of lakes and ponds to represent this area on the tabletop.

Cheers, thanks for looking.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Sad News

I have just been informed of the sad news that our fellow wargamer Chris Justice passed away in April. Chris had been a regular attendee at our CWC Megagames since the first game in 2012 and he was working on a Austrian force for this years game in September. I am saddened at the thought that this larger than life character will not be joining us again and I plan to dedicate this years event to Chris. The next time I visit the wonderful Royal Hotel in Dungworth where I have fond memories of Chris eating his favourite steak and oyster pies I will be raising a glass of ale and eating a pie in his memory. A really great guy who will be sadly missed by all of us.


Chris (pictured left) in the Royal Hotel at Crisis Point 2012

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Top Fathers Day Prezzie

Best Fathers Day present ever!!! How cool is this, I will be wearing this in September.