Saturday, 28 September 2013

Derby Worlds


Managed to get over to Castle Donington to have a wander round the Worlds today and get a few goodies! Met up with Andy Canham who was helping out on the Lance & Longbow stand as well as helping out on The Baggage Train stand and also saw Ian Shaw who was in the BGMR competition. Unfortunately Andy and Ian had beaten me to the 6mm stuff from the Bring & Buy so when I arrived the cupboard was bare! Did manage to get a couple of bits of terrain though. Got a load of stuff from The Baggage Train including three bridges and some other bits and bobs. Picked up some British Paras and Commandos from Adler and some Union Cavalry from Baccus and finally picked up a copy of the Black Powder rules. Also picked up some 28mm figures from Tiger Miniatures for a new project. More about that in future posts. Spoke to the guys from Timecast about a commission they are doing for me and they had some of the new buildings designed for my project on the stand. I will post some photos soon. I will try and post some pictures from the day early next week.

A great day out and plenty of goodies to get started on in my new HQ if I can get in there as the builders have dug a great big holes in the back garden for the extension and I am struggling getting up the end of the garden!



Saturday, 7 September 2013

HQ Update - The Table

After a trip to our favourite Swedish furniture store for some small storage units and then on to a local (very orange!) DIY shop for some 6' x 2' sheets of MDF the wargames table has begun to take shape. As I had to scale the size of the workshop down due to other plans for the garden I now have a 8' x 6' table which is plenty big enough. It also gives me a large enough area to plan sections of the terrain for next years CP6 CWC MegaGame.

Just waiting for the twelve 2' x 2' Plain Grass Tiles from TSS to arrive then I can start setting up the table.

Thanks for looking.



Monday, 2 September 2013

HQ Update

Not done much in the way of figure painting recently as I have been busy building a new home for all my wargaming stuff (much to the delight of SWMBO!). Nearly done, just got some guttering to attach. Off to get some timber later to start building the wargames table and have ordered some 2' x 2' plain grass tiles from TSS.

Please excuse the back garden we are in the process of landscaping it and also have a builder starting next Monday to put an extension on the back for a new kitchen.

Thanks for looking.