Sunday, 14 December 2014

Tcherbevan Build

With the Christmas break coming up and the gymnastics club closing for a couple of weeks I have got a bit more time to spend building more stuff for Tcherbevan, the capital of Andreivia ready for next years Arc of Fire Crisis Point game. My local Costa Coffee has very kindly been keeping the advertising boards which are made from a heavy duty foam core which are 2' x 2' square. I now have enough of these to cover 12' x 6' and by March should have another 6. I have started to layout Tcherbevan using the boards as base boards. WIP showing two of the boards can be seen below. The space on the other side of the square from the Tchebevan Grand Hotel is where Richard C's superb ATV (Andreivian Television) tower sits. I have reduced the size of the square slightly from last years game to fit all the planned buildings in.

Thanks for looking

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Transport for Tcherbevan

Addition to Culture Ministry Boulevard or the Riverside in downtown Tcherbevan.

Been looking at these on ebay for a while but they have always been a bit too much. Finally got one for a bargain.

On with the build!


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Normal Service is Resumed

Hi All,

Been having major laptop problems recently so haven't been able to post anything. At last I am back online. First up is a stock take of the Italian 20mm forces I am putting together for Crisis Point IV next year. So far I have

3 Ariete MBT,
2 Centauro,
1 LVTP-7,
Elhiem Modern Italians,
Mangusta Attack Helo
2 Transport Helo's.

Photos to follow.

Just need to get some softskin/M113 transport and then I am pretty much done. Then its time to crack on with buildings for Tcherbevan and the surrounding area.


Richard P

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Battle for Hanover - Part 3

Some more West Germans, a couple of Leopard ARV's that will eventually accompany some West German armour.

Also I currently working on a load of hedges and railway lines (using the Hornby Trackplanner kits). Below is just a quick picture to show some of the progress. Lots more to go!!

I am pleased with how the railways are looking and I have sorted out a quicker method for basing so I can get quite a lot done at a go. I have about 3' of straights done so far with a lot more to go as I have amassed about 3 1/2 packs of the Trackplanner over the last few months and also Ian Shaw from the Deeside Defenders very kindly donated a box full.


Monday, 20 October 2014

Battle for Hanover - Part Two

Nearly finished my first unit for next years game. I am planning on building a multi-national covering force based around the Covering Force 1 (NL) Corps which included the Dutch 41 Armoured Brigade, a West German Recce Battalion, plus some additional troops assigned.

First up is a group of West German 120mm Panzermorser with FAO in a converted Jagdpanzer Kanone.

West German FAO in a converted Jagdpanzer Kanone

Three 120mm Panzermorser with figures added to the rear compartments to represent loaders for the mortar. Also added camo netting to two and a red NATO air recognition sheet to the other one. From what I can find the air recognition could be red or yellow and measured 6' x 2 1/4' and the position was dictated by the CO which here is draped over the front of the vehicle. 

Just a few finishing touches to do that include colour coding the rear edge of the base for ease of ID on the tabletop and also a label underneath for unit info.


Monday, 13 October 2014

Crisis Point IV Andreivia 2015 - Part One

Hi All,

As well as the 6mm game in 2015 I am involved in the annual Crisis Point game held in the wonderful village of Dungworth near Sheffield hosted by Richard Crawley who started the event in 2012.  This year we are revisiting the fictional Black Sea country of Andreivia. The 2014 event saw heavy fighting in the capital Tcherbevan, the 2015 event will see not only fighting on the streets of the capital but also in the surrounding areas. Last year I played an Andreivian Government force, this year (thanks to Richards C's kind donation of a Ariete tank) I am playing an Italian force part of NATO's intervention force. At the recent Derby World Champs at Castle Donnington I picked up another two more so now have a platoon of tanks. Matt at Elhiem very kindly let me mix and match from his Modern Italian range so I have 3 squads plus command and support. I also have a LVTP-7 and have finally tracked down a couple of the B1-Centauro AFV's to add to the force. Just need some softskins and I am pretty much sorted.

Also picked up some more Type 61's (Japanese MBT's) as used by the Andreivian Government forces. I can now field a company sized unit, with three platoons of two tanks plus an HQ tank. More on these in a later post.

More to come in Part Two

Battle for Hanover - Part One

Hi All,

The hall has been booked for next years 6mm CWC weekend event. It will take place from 25th September - 27th September. Setup will be on Friday 25th and we will begin play on Saturday 26th September (0930hrs - 2100hrs Approx) and Sunday 27th September (0930hrs - 1500hrs) at the Wings Social Club, Broughton, home of the Deeside Defenders.

We have decided that we will stay in the 1985 Cold War era and the game will be a scenario set around the city of Hanover. The main reason for this is we have collected a large amount of terrain over the last three years, including a huge amount of th superb Timecast buildings. Also we have all been collecting, painting and basing masses of NATO and Warsaw Pact forces. Steve Graham and Andy Hamilton from Grimsby will kindly be bringing their mat-o-war cloths again, we will have 5 in use next year and we are already building more terrain for next years game! Andy Hamilton has kindly offered to make some more low hills and ridges, Andy's hills were used to great effect at the 2013 Arctic Strike event and can be seen here

Andy Hamilton's great hills and ridges

If you are interested in taking part please visit the Commander Series website forum where you can sign up.

A few shots of this years game.

As stated earlier in this post preparations are well under way for next year. I have sketched up a draft map and just need to produce some more detailed ones. I have a production line of hedges running in Shed HQ and have started the mammoth task of basing 3 packs (plus extras, thanks Ian) of 'Hornby Trackplanner'. Photos soon when I have finished a few sections. Also ordered some Dutch recce vehicles from CinC, but they are on back order from the states so could be a while. Steve Graham is busy with the task of making a few more river sections to represent the Elbe SeitenKanal which runs the whole length of one part of the table. I even have river barges to paint up for the Kanal. 

I plan to keep updating the WIP towards next years game so players can keep up to date with developments.

More to come in Part Two. Thanks for looking

Friday, 3 October 2014

"The Tide is Turning" - Part Seven

In this the final part there is just some of the photos that weren't used in the AAR.

A Russian transport aircraft randomly crashes on the the banks of the Donau River. US intelligence believe it to be carrying a senior Russian Commander and despatch a French CSAR unit to try and retrieve the commander alive or capture important documents. Unfortunately the helo was shot down approaching the crash site and a BRDM-2 unit was able to secure the site. If the CSAR operation had been succesful it would have meant the Soviet commander in that sector would have been operating at -2CV. (Thanks to Neil McCusker for the loan of the aircraft). 

Schloss Burglengenfeld (A Kibri Z Scale model) being used as the Warsaw Pact communications centre and SAM site.

The Supply Dumps

Steve Graham's US bridging units construct a bridge across the Donau. Great use of double glazing spacers to make the bridge sections. A cheap and very effective way of representing bridging operations.

Andy Canhams's ERC-90's (CinC models) were slung under French Puma helos and landed behind enemy lines to great effect.

NATO Artillery

More NATO Artillery

Yet more NATO Artillery

Steve Graham's wonderful collection of US helicopter support.

More of the helos.

Neil McCuskers Mi-6 (Skytrex). A horrible model from Skytrex (I have three waiting to be put together) but Neil has done a superb job with his adding Plasticard rotors as the model doesn't come with any. 

Steve Graham's great little 'Enning' ferry model transporting a Canadian FAO across the Donau after their succesful river crossing.

In the last turn of the game this Mi-6 attempted a air assault which ended in disaster. 



"The Tide is Turning" - Part Six

The US 3ID and 2CAV continued their push towards the Donau. The US planning to cross the Donau and then 2nd CAV would turn west to support the West Germans with 3ID turning towards Regensburg.

US HQ units ready their troops for the river crossing

M1's supported by M901 ITV's  approach the banks of the Donau

US M1's from 3ID approach the Naab River supporting the French AMX30's on their left flank

US forces race towards Regensburg in the distance. This photo shows off Steve Grahams colour coding system on the back edge of his bases.

US forces approach the river.

M1's across the Donau!

Abrams and Bradleys reach the far bank.

Meanwhile more Abrams move up in support

Bradleys cross the Donau

Another US unit makes it across the river under fire from T-72's

M60's cross the bridge supported by M1's as the US forces start their push toward their objectives.


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

"The Tide is Turning" - Part Five

To the west of Regensburg lay the strategically important river crossings across the Donau. The task of taking these had fallen to the Canadian 4MECH and a Mixed West German battlegroup.

View looking east towards Regensburg in the distance. Canadian 4MECH (Nick Gerlach) and West Germans (Andy Taylor) tasked with crossing the Donau defended by Soviet Airborne (Gordon Malcolm) and myself due to a few last minute no shows.

Canadian Medical Aid Station and Supply Dump by Nick Gerlach. In our games if players field a Medical Aid Station (Infantry), Repair Depot (Vehicles) and a Supply Dump (Ammo) they get a percentage back over night and also its a great excuse to model some great bases and there were some superb bases on show. Photos of those later on.

On the Canadians left flank the ferry crossing at Enning. A superb little model by Steve Graham. In game turns it could transport one truck unit. 

On the right flank the bridge at Neustadt a.d. Donau.

Soviet T62's arrive to support the dug in Soviet Airborne forces.

The Canucks approach the ferry crossing at Enning.

Canadian artillery lay a smoke screen over the river and the Russian positions before their assault across the river.

A Canadian Hornet supporting the river crossing strays too close to the Soviet air defence and pays the price.

Meanwhile in Kelheim the Spetsnaz sleeper cell at Pauma Plastics are now in a fierce battle with West Germans. The Spetsnaz are joined by some airborne units that have advanced across the river to support their comrades.

The Canadians start their river crossing but are held up on the opposite bank by hidden minefields laid between the river and the Neustadt/Enning road.

VDV forces in Neustadt come under heavy air and artillery attack from the Canadians.

Back in Saal a.d. Donau across the Donau from Kelhein T72's move up in support of the VDV advance.

Heavy fighting continues around the Pauma Plastics factory with the West Germans falling foul of Spetsnaz ambushes.

Canadian FAO crosses the Donau on the ferry at Enning to support the advance.

T72's supporting the VDV make it onto the bridge at Kelheim and push onwards.