Monday, 19 May 2014

Crisis Point Pictures - Part Three

Just a few more pictures of the Battle of Tcherbevan.

Andreivian Type 61 and IS-3 tanks move along the Culture Ministry Boulevard to support the French operation against the forces of Salem bin Hakem (Gordon Malcolm/Jamie Crawley)

NATO Special Envoy the former Danish Prime Minister, Anders Blixen, escorted by French troops.

Andreivian Paratroopers secure the Culture Ministry and the square (yet to be named) outside.

One of Richard C's surprises during the game, after all the fighting around the English Church it turned out the church was full of refugees.

The Turkish Quarter scene of heavy fighting initially between the Turks and the Armenians and later between the Turks and the Andreivian Government forces.

French troops moving in to secure ruins in the Turkish Quarter.

The apartment block which saw two days of heavy fighting. The defence put up by the Andreivian Turks (Russ Phillips) will go down in history as a small band of troops held off the Andreivian Government forces and the Armenian forces despite taking heavy casualties and losing their armoured support early on Day One.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Crisis Point Pictures - Part Two

More pictures from the Crisis Point 3 - Battle for Tcherbevan weekend game.

A Type 61 tank of the Andreivian army moves past a Police Porsche on its way to push along the Culture Ministry Boulevard. The Porsche was to be used as a decoy vehicle supposedly carrying Bubi 3, the Andreivian Eurovision entry or was it?

A French A/C takes a hit from the Andreivian Turk quarter of the city.

Air support!

A Type 61 targets a T55 of the Andreivian Turks.

Meanwhile on the other side of the city a VW Beetle drives headlong at a Russian T72!
The Porsche comes under heavy fire.

Bubi 3 make it over the bridge after some negotiations with the Russians.

Unfortunately the Russians didn't like the look of Bubi 3's manager who was refused access to the airport.

Andreivian Skyhawk flys past the ATV building that dominates the Tcherbevan skyline.

The French HQ at the Fort.

See I told you it moved!!

On the hills British forces arrive to support the French.

Armenian reinforcements move in to the area around the English Church.

British forces move towards Tcherbevan.

The view from the top of the ATV tower

Crisis Point 3 Pictures - Part One

Finally, now the internet is fixed, I can upload the pictures I took at Crisis Point 3 - The Battle for Tcherbevan.

Downtown Tcherbevan, the calm before the storm.

Railway bridge across the Dnepr River.

Tcherbevan's Turkish Quarter

The mysterious river cruiser that kept moving during the game and everyone lived in fear of the threatening Jetski on the rear deck.

East West Highway running along the edge of the Tcherbevan International Airport.

Saturday morning briefing from Richard C

The English Church, scene of savage hand to hand fighting over the weekend along with heavy firefights.

The fort, originally held by Andreivian Government forces and after severe fighting on Day One the Andreivians were relieved that by the end of Day One the French NATO forces had arrived at the Fort and set up their headquarters.

That mysterious river cruiser again.

Radar site at the Airport.

Soviet VDV take care of a UXB at the Airport.

SAM site 

French NATO forces

More Frenchies!!


Dvimin Military Academy

This force was due to attend the recent weekend Crisis Point 3 Arc of Fire Andreivia game. But with all the building work we have had done on the house and garden access to Shed HQ was limited. However all that is finished now and I am able to finish off projects that have been waiting on the workbench. So here are the students from the Dvimin Military Academy of Andreivia. I just need to sort out a mortar and I have some RPG-7's and reloads from S&S models to add to some figures to make them a bit more modern. I picked the figures up from ebay (WWII Romanians). Hopefully they will get an outing soon!

The whole Dvimin Military Academy force with two units of riflemen with RPG-7's (to be added), one HQ unit, one HMG unit and a mortar team (top right minus the mortar at the moment).

Two rifle platoons

Close up of a rifle platoon 

HMG Team

HQ platoon with converted Radio Operator (GW spares box find)

Triples 2014 - Part Two

As promised more from my trip to Triples 2014 at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield.

The Triples Hoard!

Clockwise from top left. Two packs of Timecast 6mm scale trees and two packs of Timecast 6mm boxes, barrels, crates etc, four packs of GHQ LVTP-5 from Magister Militum, some Adler WWII Russians in fur caps (will be used as Chinese), some Undefire Miniatures Russian support weapons for my Andreivian forces along with some of the new Rhodesian African Rifles for Force on Force Bush Wars, a GZG 15mm Crusties Starter Force for my son Joe as he is starting to take an interest in wargaming and wanted to do a Sci-Fi force, a 6mm Pegasus Bridge from Steve at the Baggage Train, a copy of the Hammers Slammers rule book and in the centre some 2mm MDF 150mm square and 75mm square bases that I had pre-ordered from Leon at Minibits. All in all a good days shopping!

A very kind gift from Mr Richard C, a C1 Ariete that will be the start of an Italian force for our Arc of Fire 'Andreivia' games. Many thanks RC.


Saturday, 17 May 2014

Triples 2014 - Part One

Hi All,

Hopefully the internet problems are behind me now and I can start getting the loads of stuff I have been working on uploaded. But first had a very pleasant hop over the Peak District to Steel City and the show that is Triples. It has been many years since I have been to Triples so I was looking forward to a day out and what made it even better was firstly a lot of the Crisis Point team were attending so it was great to meet up with Steve G, Andy C, Richard and Jamie C to discuss the CWC 6mm MegaGame at Broughton in September and secondly, as mentioned in a previous post, I was collecting the second installment of my Timecast commission. So here in all its glory is part two of the Timecast commission along with three bases I have been working on as a comparison (or no comparison would be a better way of putting it!).

Thats the end of the Timecast stuff, the next three buildings are my attempts using a couple of the great Leven Miniatures range and a building I picked up from the Penkridge Wargames Tabletop sale earlier this year. I am quite pleased with how they look with the Timecast commission.

More from Triples 2014 next