Monday, 13 October 2014

Battle for Hanover - Part One

Hi All,

The hall has been booked for next years 6mm CWC weekend event. It will take place from 25th September - 27th September. Setup will be on Friday 25th and we will begin play on Saturday 26th September (0930hrs - 2100hrs Approx) and Sunday 27th September (0930hrs - 1500hrs) at the Wings Social Club, Broughton, home of the Deeside Defenders.

We have decided that we will stay in the 1985 Cold War era and the game will be a scenario set around the city of Hanover. The main reason for this is we have collected a large amount of terrain over the last three years, including a huge amount of th superb Timecast buildings. Also we have all been collecting, painting and basing masses of NATO and Warsaw Pact forces. Steve Graham and Andy Hamilton from Grimsby will kindly be bringing their mat-o-war cloths again, we will have 5 in use next year and we are already building more terrain for next years game! Andy Hamilton has kindly offered to make some more low hills and ridges, Andy's hills were used to great effect at the 2013 Arctic Strike event and can be seen here

Andy Hamilton's great hills and ridges

If you are interested in taking part please visit the Commander Series website forum where you can sign up.

A few shots of this years game.

As stated earlier in this post preparations are well under way for next year. I have sketched up a draft map and just need to produce some more detailed ones. I have a production line of hedges running in Shed HQ and have started the mammoth task of basing 3 packs (plus extras, thanks Ian) of 'Hornby Trackplanner'. Photos soon when I have finished a few sections. Also ordered some Dutch recce vehicles from CinC, but they are on back order from the states so could be a while. Steve Graham is busy with the task of making a few more river sections to represent the Elbe SeitenKanal which runs the whole length of one part of the table. I even have river barges to paint up for the Kanal. 

I plan to keep updating the WIP towards next years game so players can keep up to date with developments.

More to come in Part Two. Thanks for looking

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