Wednesday, 1 October 2014

"The Tide is Turning" - Part Five

To the west of Regensburg lay the strategically important river crossings across the Donau. The task of taking these had fallen to the Canadian 4MECH and a Mixed West German battlegroup.

View looking east towards Regensburg in the distance. Canadian 4MECH (Nick Gerlach) and West Germans (Andy Taylor) tasked with crossing the Donau defended by Soviet Airborne (Gordon Malcolm) and myself due to a few last minute no shows.

Canadian Medical Aid Station and Supply Dump by Nick Gerlach. In our games if players field a Medical Aid Station (Infantry), Repair Depot (Vehicles) and a Supply Dump (Ammo) they get a percentage back over night and also its a great excuse to model some great bases and there were some superb bases on show. Photos of those later on.

On the Canadians left flank the ferry crossing at Enning. A superb little model by Steve Graham. In game turns it could transport one truck unit. 

On the right flank the bridge at Neustadt a.d. Donau.

Soviet T62's arrive to support the dug in Soviet Airborne forces.

The Canucks approach the ferry crossing at Enning.

Canadian artillery lay a smoke screen over the river and the Russian positions before their assault across the river.

A Canadian Hornet supporting the river crossing strays too close to the Soviet air defence and pays the price.

Meanwhile in Kelheim the Spetsnaz sleeper cell at Pauma Plastics are now in a fierce battle with West Germans. The Spetsnaz are joined by some airborne units that have advanced across the river to support their comrades.

The Canadians start their river crossing but are held up on the opposite bank by hidden minefields laid between the river and the Neustadt/Enning road.

VDV forces in Neustadt come under heavy air and artillery attack from the Canadians.

Back in Saal a.d. Donau across the Donau from Kelhein T72's move up in support of the VDV advance.

Heavy fighting continues around the Pauma Plastics factory with the West Germans falling foul of Spetsnaz ambushes.

Canadian FAO crosses the Donau on the ferry at Enning to support the advance.

T72's supporting the VDV make it onto the bridge at Kelheim and push onwards.


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