Saturday, 29 November 2014

Transport for Tcherbevan

Addition to Culture Ministry Boulevard or the Riverside in downtown Tcherbevan.

Been looking at these on ebay for a while but they have always been a bit too much. Finally got one for a bargain.

On with the build!


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Normal Service is Resumed

Hi All,

Been having major laptop problems recently so haven't been able to post anything. At last I am back online. First up is a stock take of the Italian 20mm forces I am putting together for Crisis Point IV next year. So far I have

3 Ariete MBT,
2 Centauro,
1 LVTP-7,
Elhiem Modern Italians,
Mangusta Attack Helo
2 Transport Helo's.

Photos to follow.

Just need to get some softskin/M113 transport and then I am pretty much done. Then its time to crack on with buildings for Tcherbevan and the surrounding area.


Richard P