Sunday, 18 May 2014

Triples 2014 - Part Two

As promised more from my trip to Triples 2014 at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield.

The Triples Hoard!

Clockwise from top left. Two packs of Timecast 6mm scale trees and two packs of Timecast 6mm boxes, barrels, crates etc, four packs of GHQ LVTP-5 from Magister Militum, some Adler WWII Russians in fur caps (will be used as Chinese), some Undefire Miniatures Russian support weapons for my Andreivian forces along with some of the new Rhodesian African Rifles for Force on Force Bush Wars, a GZG 15mm Crusties Starter Force for my son Joe as he is starting to take an interest in wargaming and wanted to do a Sci-Fi force, a 6mm Pegasus Bridge from Steve at the Baggage Train, a copy of the Hammers Slammers rule book and in the centre some 2mm MDF 150mm square and 75mm square bases that I had pre-ordered from Leon at Minibits. All in all a good days shopping!

A very kind gift from Mr Richard C, a C1 Ariete that will be the start of an Italian force for our Arc of Fire 'Andreivia' games. Many thanks RC.


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  1. Good haul. I'm going to pick up Pegasus Bridge and some of those supply dumps from Steve at Baggage Train. Cheers, Andy