Sunday 18 May 2014

Crisis Point 3 Pictures - Part One

Finally, now the internet is fixed, I can upload the pictures I took at Crisis Point 3 - The Battle for Tcherbevan.

Downtown Tcherbevan, the calm before the storm.

Railway bridge across the Dnepr River.

Tcherbevan's Turkish Quarter

The mysterious river cruiser that kept moving during the game and everyone lived in fear of the threatening Jetski on the rear deck.

East West Highway running along the edge of the Tcherbevan International Airport.

Saturday morning briefing from Richard C

The English Church, scene of savage hand to hand fighting over the weekend along with heavy firefights.

The fort, originally held by Andreivian Government forces and after severe fighting on Day One the Andreivians were relieved that by the end of Day One the French NATO forces had arrived at the Fort and set up their headquarters.

That mysterious river cruiser again.

Radar site at the Airport.

Soviet VDV take care of a UXB at the Airport.

SAM site 

French NATO forces

More Frenchies!!



  1. Amazing! Terrain and models are all stella. Would love to play on it.

  2. Very nice photos, Richard. Worth the wait :)

  3. We need to use this terrain again. A smaller game at a show perhaps?

  4. Definitely, I have started work on a University building and have plans to add a few more buildings to complete the square and waterfront area. A show towards the end of this year or early next year would be better for me.