Sunday, 18 May 2014

Dvimin Military Academy

This force was due to attend the recent weekend Crisis Point 3 Arc of Fire Andreivia game. But with all the building work we have had done on the house and garden access to Shed HQ was limited. However all that is finished now and I am able to finish off projects that have been waiting on the workbench. So here are the students from the Dvimin Military Academy of Andreivia. I just need to sort out a mortar and I have some RPG-7's and reloads from S&S models to add to some figures to make them a bit more modern. I picked the figures up from ebay (WWII Romanians). Hopefully they will get an outing soon!

The whole Dvimin Military Academy force with two units of riflemen with RPG-7's (to be added), one HQ unit, one HMG unit and a mortar team (top right minus the mortar at the moment).

Two rifle platoons

Close up of a rifle platoon 

HMG Team

HQ platoon with converted Radio Operator (GW spares box find)

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  1. Those look really good. Wish I could have made it to CP3. My Andreivian Turks are feeling left out!
    Cheers, Andy