Sunday 18 May 2014

Crisis Point Pictures - Part Two

More pictures from the Crisis Point 3 - Battle for Tcherbevan weekend game.

A Type 61 tank of the Andreivian army moves past a Police Porsche on its way to push along the Culture Ministry Boulevard. The Porsche was to be used as a decoy vehicle supposedly carrying Bubi 3, the Andreivian Eurovision entry or was it?

A French A/C takes a hit from the Andreivian Turk quarter of the city.

Air support!

A Type 61 targets a T55 of the Andreivian Turks.

Meanwhile on the other side of the city a VW Beetle drives headlong at a Russian T72!
The Porsche comes under heavy fire.

Bubi 3 make it over the bridge after some negotiations with the Russians.

Unfortunately the Russians didn't like the look of Bubi 3's manager who was refused access to the airport.

Andreivian Skyhawk flys past the ATV building that dominates the Tcherbevan skyline.

The French HQ at the Fort.

See I told you it moved!!

On the hills British forces arrive to support the French.

Armenian reinforcements move in to the area around the English Church.

British forces move towards Tcherbevan.

The view from the top of the ATV tower

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