Monday 19 May 2014

Crisis Point Pictures - Part Three

Just a few more pictures of the Battle of Tcherbevan.

Andreivian Type 61 and IS-3 tanks move along the Culture Ministry Boulevard to support the French operation against the forces of Salem bin Hakem (Gordon Malcolm/Jamie Crawley)

NATO Special Envoy the former Danish Prime Minister, Anders Blixen, escorted by French troops.

Andreivian Paratroopers secure the Culture Ministry and the square (yet to be named) outside.

One of Richard C's surprises during the game, after all the fighting around the English Church it turned out the church was full of refugees.

The Turkish Quarter scene of heavy fighting initially between the Turks and the Armenians and later between the Turks and the Andreivian Government forces.

French troops moving in to secure ruins in the Turkish Quarter.

The apartment block which saw two days of heavy fighting. The defence put up by the Andreivian Turks (Russ Phillips) will go down in history as a small band of troops held off the Andreivian Government forces and the Armenian forces despite taking heavy casualties and losing their armoured support early on Day One.


  1. Sounds like everyone ganged up on the Turks. Some great pictures there.
    Cheers, Andy

  2. Yes Turks came in for some stick especially on Day Two. But they did fire first ;-). Sorry Russ couldn't resist but the evidence can be seen in the burning wreckage of a NATO armoured car.

  3. The NATO envoy was a former Danish Prime Minister and his name was Anders Blixen.

  4. Thanks Richard I shall add that to my Andreivia file for future reference

  5. Former Danish Prime Minister all edited now, thanks Richard C