Monday 30 March 2015

Crisis Point IV - Return to Andreivia (Part Four)

Day Two.

After a hearty breakfast at Padley Farm B&B Andy, Ian and I made the short journey on foot to the hall for Day Two of Crisis Point IV. Day Two was to see the two smaller tables closed down and all the action moved to the large 'Tcherbevan & International Airport' table.


Russians - Russell Phillips & Mark Kniveton
Andreivians - Ian Shaw & Richard Crawley (assisted by Arthur & Leo)
NATO - Jamie Crawley & Richard Phillips
Andreivian Turks - Andy Canham
Armenians - Rob Connolly

Richard Crawley had to step in last minute due to a no show and he assisted our younger players with a force of Andreivian Paratroopers who were fighting to hold the railyard on the north bank of the river.

NATO had a different force as the Italians had been held up by the Mujahideen the following day. Jamie controlled a small force of British Paras in a Blackhawk helo and I had a larger force of US 101st Airborne on board a Chinook. Basically we could intervene whenever we saw fit. NATO also had a small Italian Special Forces team inserted into the Italian Embassy a few days ago who had covertly entered the ATV building in central Tcherbevan and were holed up on the observation deck at the top of the tower. This was to prove interesting when they surprised an Andreivian Sniper Observation Team that tried to deploy on the roof of the ATV Tower. The Andreivians, surprised to see the Italians threw a grenade which killed one of the SF Team who reacted by opening up with 5 Assault Rifles and 2 Minimi's which made short work of the Andreivians. An unfortunate incident!

The first action of the day was the brief firefight between the Italians and the Andreivians. We used paper plates as a quickly improvised floor plan of the top of the ATV Tower.

After the firefight the Italians take control of the ATV Tower which has commanding views over the whole of Tcherbevan and the airport. The sniper set up on top of the tower and began to select appropriate targets to reduce the bloodshed below. 

The mysterious ship moored by the bridge had come to the attention of the NATO commanders as several high ranking officials of the Andreivian Government, including the Defence Minister and the Culture Minister, had been seen frequenting this ship. NATO had become increasingly suspicious of the actions of the Andreivian Government and the Airborne forces were put on stand by if it was deemed necessary to intervene and take the ship. It was later discovered that the Andreivians were using the ship to interrogate prisoners taken during the fighting!

US 101st Airborne on board a Chinook prepare for action

The Andreivian Armenian leader Serj Benkian travelling through the city escorted by his bodyguards

NATO decide to intercept Mr Benkian before he reaches the Armenian fighters as they are worried that his presence might bring an increase in hostilities. The 101st Airborne are tasked with the mission of detaining Mr Benkian and escorting him to NATO HQ.

Mr Benkian reluctantly surrenders to the US forces and is escorted onto the waiting Chinook

Under the watchful eye of the 101st.

The 101st then relieve the weary French forces which have been using the Old Fort as a Forward Operating Base in Tcherbevan.

NATO Forward Operating Base in the Old Fort in Tcherbevan now under the control of the 101st Airborne Division

Meanwhile Jamie's attention was focused on the mysterious ship moored near the Culture Ministry

NATO air support was called in by the Italian spotter on the ATV Tower

The Jaguar begins its bombing run aiming to clear the area around the ship of hostile forces unfortunately this meant bombing the Italian Embassy as hostile forces had occupied the building

Once the area had been cleared of hostile forces the men of 10 PARA deploy onto the roof of the Italian Embassy in preparation for an assault on the ship

10 PARA move to secure the Italian Embassy building

This was the last action by NATO as unfortunately we had to pack up and head home. Special thanks to my fellow NATO player Jamie Crawley for a great weekends gaming. Sorry there were no Saxon Shieldwalls in sight!

I have some photos of other actions on Day Two and will post them next.

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