Monday 30 March 2015

Crisis Point IV - Return to Andreivia (Part Three)

I wasn't involved on the large 'Tcherbevan' table or the 'Outskirts of Mdinar' table on the Saturday as I was on the 'Southern Hills' table with my Italians. I will leave the job of reporting events on those two tables to those involved. However I did manage to take some photos of the action on the two tables. Please let me know if I get anything wrong.

Andy Canham's Andreivian Turks in the ruins along Culture Ministry Boulevard

An Andreivian Turk HMG looks for targets in the Armenian Quarter

Armenian Engineers 

Andreivian Turks prepare for an attack

Armenian Mortar prepares to fire into the Turkish Quarter

Russians in the ruined outskirts of Mdinar

Russian ATGM searching for a target

A Russian BMP2 moves through the ruins of Mdinar

Andreivian Government air support

Andreivian armour waits for the Russians to advance

The Russians prepare for the advance

The Andreivian defenders waiting for the onslaught

Andreivian infantry

Russian armour

A fantastic Kamov built by Mark Kniveton

More from Day Two to follow........

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