Sunday 29 March 2015

Crisis Point IV - Return to Andreivia (Part One)

On Friday 27th I travelled over the Peak District to Dungworth near Sheffield to the wonderfully situated Bradfield Dungworth Primary School to meet up with Crisis Point IV's organiser Richard Crawley and his son Jamie. After transporting the tables from the local village hall to the school we began setting up for Crisis Point IV - The Return to Andreivia. After a brief cup of tea up the road at the Crawley residence in Storrs is was back to the hall to meet up with fellow wargamers Andy Canham and Ian Shaw to get as much done as we could before the Beer and Pies started calling from the Royal! Last year we had one big table representing the Andreivian capital Tcherbevan. This year the plan was to have three tables, one large table representing Tcherbevan and two smaller ones representing the Southern Hills and the outskirts of Mdinar on the Black Sea.

The Southern Hills

The NATO supply route through the Southern Hills, a very dangerous area of Andreivia, an SAS team had gone missing in this area in a previous operation, believed to be captured by fanatical Mujahideen. But as this is the only decent road to Tcherbevan that NATO can use to resupply their troops in the city it had to be protected. This task fell to the Italian forces of Battlegroup 'Ragu' and Battlegroup 'Dolmio', played by myself and Jamie Crawley. We were also tasked with locating the missing SAS troops that intelligence reports suggest are being held in one of the buildings in this area. The intelligence also reported the area was crawling with hostiles!

A view of the Southern Hills table ready for Saturday morning.

Outskirts of Mdinar

The other one of the smaller tables represented the outskirts of the Andreivian coastal town of Mdinar. Located close to the capital it had been captured by a Russian amphibious assault and the plan was now for the Russians, commanded by Russell Phillips and Mark Kniveton, to break out and head for Tcherbevan and seize the airport and the bridges over the Krupnher River. Up against them would be the might of the Andreivian Army commanded by Ian Shaw.

The battlefield ready for hostilities to commence on Saturday morning.

Central Tcherbevan & International Airport

The Central Square in front of the Culture Ministry, this area was held by Andreivian Government forces but would be fairly quiet on Saturday due to Andreivian forces engaging the Russians near Mdinar.

Culture Ministry Boulevard looking north. The buildings on the left were occupied by Andreivian Turks under the command of Andy Canham ably assisted by young Arthur. On the right was the Andreivian Armenians commanded by Rob Connelly This area saw some heavy fighting for the whole weekend.

Central Square was to be the scene of heavy fighting on Sunday.

The Turkish Quarter of Tcherbevan.

The Old Fort situated on the outskirts of Tcherbevan and held by NATO who are using it as the HQ in the capital.

Tcherbevan International Airport, currently occupied by a small Russian force awaiting the arrival of the amphibious forces from Mdinar.

The runway at TIA.

The Railyard north of the river was to be the location of some fierce fighting between the Andreivian Government forces and the Russians. Richard Crawleys superb ATV Tower can be seen commanding the views over the city. 

So with as much as we could get done set up it was time to visit the superb pub in Dungworth "The Royal", it is famous for its pies and in memory of our fallen comrade, Chris Justice, who sadly died last year Andy Canham and I ordered Steak & Oyster pies one of his favourite. Washed down with a couple of pints of Farmers. CHEERS CHRIS!



  1. Great pics, Richard.

    It was certainly and enjoyable weekend and thanks as always for your help setting up and taking down.

    Looks like we'll clear £70 surplus, which will go to

    1. That's great to hear that we made a good amount for the charity :)

  2. That's great news, brilliant. Just been uploading photos to my laptop, it looks like I took about 100 photos! I will get them all on eventually.

  3. Great photos, lovely terrain. Excellent pies!

    Look forward to the action shots!

    Cheers, Andy