Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Crisis Point IV - Return to Andreivia (Part Five)

Just some other photos I took from Day Two.

The Andreivian Government forces defend the Administrative District

Andreivian Governement APC's defend Central Square

Andreivian Government armour on the streets

ASU-85 at TIA (Tcherbevan International Airport)

Russian VDV occupy the Airport

Russian support takes up a position on the roof of the airport buildings

Andreivian Turk Mule Train sneaks on to the table with a cargo of AT-4 launchers

Andreivian Government Paratroops defend the railyard against the Russian advance. Arthur and Leo, our young players, put up a dogged defence despite some terrible dice rolls

A Russian SA-7 team on alert for incoming air attacks, "Sergei can you hear anything, I could have sworn I heard the sound of jet engines in the distance".

War torn Tcherbevan!

"Quick Sergei FIRE!"

"Good shot Sergei"

An Andreivian L-39 shot down over the airport

More Russian air defence

A 'liberated' Type 61 under the control of the Andreivian Turks trades shots with the Andreivian Government armour

Andreivian Government gunboat supports the paratroops at the railyard

Andreivian gunboat

The Andreivian Government forces near Central Square come under heavy fire from the ground and the air

Russians advance into the railyard

A BMD is hit by fire from a Government Type 61

The Armenian T55 meets its match!


  1. Who is that handsome devil drinking coffee over war-torn Tcherbevan?

  2. By the way, I'm very pleased with Ian's T-34 mods and the Humber-with-a-Scimitar-turret. Both are hereby officially adopted into the history of Andreivia.

  3. Drinking coffee while Tcherbevan burned!! I'm glad they are officially adopted as I am now the proud owner of the 4 APC conversions and the 2 other T34 mods Ian did. They are just having a repaint at the Tcherbevan Military HQ and will be ready for action asap.