Tuesday, 14 April 2015

15MM NAPOLEONICS - The Black Legion (Leib Battalion)

I got a couple of hours yesterday to sit down and crack on with my first unit of 15mm Napoleonics, the Brunswick Leib Battalion. The figures are Essex Miniatures that I have had for a while, an impulse buy after reading an article in a magazine about the Black Legion. Now for all you die hard Napoleonics players I believe these are in the 1809 garb not the Hundred Days garb but they may get outings in both and I am quite happy using them for both. Andy Canham asked if I was going the Gauntlet this year and I can get there on the Saturday so we are going to put on a 15mm Napoleonics game using the Black Powder rules. So I have quite a bit to get painted between now and July. Still need bases finished.


  1. That would be "leib" (pronounced libe and meaning "life battalion" i.e. bodyguard). It's most definitely not "lieb" battalion (pronounced leeb" and meaning "love battalion" which would presumably be something entirely different.

    1. Thanks Richard. Sounds a bit 1960's rather than 1810's :-) I could paint the next battalion like the cover of Sgt Peppers.