Tuesday, 30 September 2014

"The Tide is Turning" - Part Four

Meanwhile to the north of Regensburg a Soviet MRR (Ian Shaw) has dug in along the Naab River between Burglengenfeld and Pielenhofen.

Facing the French (Andy Canham) Soviet Motor Rifle infantry in their dug outs along the Naab River are suddenly enveloped in a smoke screen as sign of things to come!

NATO artillery drop smoke along the Naab River as the Soviet MRR Commander (Ian Shaw) inspects his defences in preparation of the oncoming attack.

The Commander of the 7e (Fr) Armoured Division (Andy Canham) begins his advance towards the bridges over the Naab, unaware that Soviet engineers had rigged some of the bridges for demolition.

French armour and mechanised forces head for the river covered by the smoke barrage along the river.

French bridging units move up to the river.

A French AMX-VCG reaches the bridge at Pielenhofen.

Under the cover of the smoke French AMX-10P's make it across the Naab between Pielenhofen and Nittendorf.

Across the Naab French forces take Nittendorf

As French armour crosses the bridge Soviet engineers roll to detonate the demolition charges. The explosives fail to go off (the story of the weekend for Warsaw Pact!!) and the French armour trundles onwards.  



  1. Thanks Richard, these are great reports as it's excellent to be able to catch up on all the things I wasn't up to speed on, what with being focused on the task in hand and the enemy to the front. Looking forward to more! Cheers, Andy

  2. Cheers Andy, just got to do the Canadian s and a bit more on the battle between Andy T's West Germans and Gordon's Airborne which was a great fight. Richard P

  3. Great AARs and pictures, it really was a great gaming weekend.