Monday, 29 September 2014

"The Tide is Turning" Part Two

After a nightmare journey from Stone to Broughton thanks to failing traffic lights in Chester which brought Chester to a complete standstill I arrived at the Deeside Defenders over 2 1/2 hours late for the set up on Friday night! Thanks to Richard C for passing on messages. Steve and Andy H from Grimsby had arrived and with Ian S, Andy C and the chaps from Deeside Defenders they had set up as much as they could without my stuff. So after a couple more hours setting up we stood back to admire our work.

Regensburg looking east along the Donau River

Regensburg looking north along the Naab River. NATO enter on the inner table edges.

Then a short drive to the excellent Days Inn (Chester North) to check in and then a great curry with Steve G and Andy H just up the road from the hotel then to bed for a good nights sleep before battle commenced.

After a superb breakfast which worked out at £2.50 after a charging error from the hotel we all jumped in Steve G's car for the trip back to Broughton. At 9.30am Warsaw Pact began to deploy their forces anywhere up to the rivers and NATO would be using mobile deployment to enter the table from the north west (inner table edges). When deployment was complete a short briefing took place and around 10.30am Warsaw Pact forces began to hear the rumble of tanks in the early morning mist.

The castle at Burglengenfeld, centre of Soviet communications in the region and also home to a SA-2 Battery. NATO objective to neutralise the AA threat in this area.

Schwandorf and Wackersdorf another NATO objective to retake the power station.

The transmitter at Saal a.d. Donau, another NATO objective to disrupt WP communications in the area.



  1. Looks fantastic! Sorry I couldn't be there. The Schloss is particularly fine. Is it a commercially available model?

  2. HI Richard, Thanks, yes the Schloss is a commercially available model. It is made by Kibri No. 36402 Z Scale see earlier post for more info. Cheers Richard P