Sunday, 19 January 2014

Ministry of Culture WIP (Part 2)

Work continues on the Ministry of Culture for the Arc of Fire (Crisis Point 3) Game in April.

The Ministry is now based on 2mm MDF and individual paving slabs cut from Costa Coffee cardboard carriers have been added. Very time consuming but I am please with the result. 

The Ministry has been given a final coat of Matt Rice Cake from B&Q Colours range and the doors and windows have been stained with Humbrol Rust Wash.

Lidl Modelling Paste has been added around the base and this will be finished off with a coat of paint and then weeds and bits of rubbish will be added. Then I just have the 'Ministry of Culture' sign to finish and this will ready for the table.

Inspired by a recent entry in one of the Guilds Build Competitions (The original was a Stalingrad Monument) I thought I would make a similar one for the central square in Tcherbevan. 

Same 'Costa' paving and Lidl Paste. Just need to finish off the base and this will be ready.



  1. I am instructed by the Presidium to confer on you the title of Hero of Andreivian Labour.

  2. A great honour indeed. My thanks to the Presidium.