Friday, 10 January 2014

2014 Plans

Hope everyone had a great New Year and the Lead Piles have got bigger. Looking forward to 2014 now that the Shed HQ is nearly complete and the swamp of a back garden gets sorted out after all the building work which will make access to the shed easier. Still waiting for the electrician to run some power up to it but hopefully in the next couple of weeks that will be sorted as well. Met up with Richard Crawley on Sunday at the Penkridge Tabletop Wargames sale, lots of WH40K stuff but if you rummage deep there were some bargains to be had. Managed to pick up 4 KV-1's and 3 JS-III's which might make an appearance in the Andreivian game in April. Got a load of 10mm Fantasy Elves for my DBM games plus some other bits and bobs including 20mm buildings and Warhammer trees. But the bargain of the day had to be a box of 12 x 1/300th resin buildings for a pound. These will be added to the growing mountain of buildings to be based for this years CP6 event in September. So plans for 2014 will include finish the 20mm scratch built buildings for the Andreivian capital Tcherbevan along with painting up my Andreivian Government forces (look out for the Japanese Type 61's!!), continue preparations for the CWC MegaGame in September, 10mm DBM, more 20mm Modern stuff for Force on Force, 28mm 1920's/1930's Pulp, 6mm ACW and GWSH WWI. So hopefully 2014 will be a very productive year.


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