Sunday, 29 June 2014

Water Water Everywhere

Now the maps are ready for this years CWC Megagame I have started building some of the terrain that will be needed. The northern section of the table will represent the area around Schwandorf and Wackersdorf and a quick look on Google Earth and also a road map of the area shows that one particular feature of this region is a series of lakes which vary in size from small ponds to much larger lakes. Using the 2mm MDF shapes available from East Riding Miniatures I have produced a range of lakes and ponds to represent this area on the tabletop.

Cheers, thanks for looking.


  1. Fantastic! One question where's the owner of the rowing boat?

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  3. Lovely terrain pieces. Can't wait to see these on the tables. These should channel the lines of advance nicely.

    Cheers, Andy

  4. You know, whenever I make up something like this, my wife says "It's another golf course". So one of these days, I think I'll go the whole hog and make one that's intended to be a golf course...

  5. I have thought about making a golf course but always struggle with how big to make it due to ground scale.

  6. Andy - your AMX's wont get that far, and Steve's M1A8 Super Tusks float.