Saturday, 7 September 2013

HQ Update - The Table

After a trip to our favourite Swedish furniture store for some small storage units and then on to a local (very orange!) DIY shop for some 6' x 2' sheets of MDF the wargames table has begun to take shape. As I had to scale the size of the workshop down due to other plans for the garden I now have a 8' x 6' table which is plenty big enough. It also gives me a large enough area to plan sections of the terrain for next years CP6 CWC MegaGame.

Just waiting for the twelve 2' x 2' Plain Grass Tiles from TSS to arrive then I can start setting up the table.

Thanks for looking.




  1. Great idea Richard to use the storage units as the table frame. Just envious that you have the space.

  2. Fun watching your space come together.

  3. Looking good, should be a great gaming space!

  4. Hi, Have you insulated your shed at all? I have been using a shed now for gaming since 1995. See
    My first shed was insulated with Polystyrene sheets stuck to the walls and the tiles on the ceiling (Which you now can not get), My new shed is insulated with roof insulation and plaster board.
    I also found that it is best to reinforce the floor with woodchip and then put down some carpet. Also in winter get your self a heater with a anti frost setting, It makes a big difference, stops your paints freezing overnight.
    I envy the size of your shed, you lucky so and so. I will follow your blog with interest.