Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Taiwan the Formosa

Some additional units for my Taiwanese Marines. First up are the engineers, I have converted two Irregular Miniatures LVTP-5 models with the addition of the dozer blades from a couple of GHQ Strykers which aren't exactly correct but look the part. These are joined by a bits box conversion to represent a LVTR-5.

Next are a couple of LVTP-5's with rocket launchers. These are just BM-14 RL with the wheels etc removed and glued to the roof at an angle. 

And finally a couple of standard LVTP-5's. I like the way Irregular have modelled troops riding on the roof. There are two variants, one of each is shown below. For some reason Irregular don't mention this on the website but it was a nice surprise. The models also have tarpaulins and back packs modelled on and all in all are a pretty good model. 

Forward Formosa!!!

Thanks for looking.


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  1. They're pretty tasty, though I do have to worry about the guys in the hatches on the MRL versions if someone mashes the fire button ;)