Monday, 29 July 2013

Bavarian Castle

Before you say it. Yes i'm officially mad. I have started building the terrain for next years CP6 Cold War Commander MegaGame. This is the first of German/Austrian themed terrain that I plan to produce over the coming months and with the 'Headquarters' nearing completion I will have plenty of space to work on the table plans. I also have a commission with Timecast in its early stages. More on that in later posts.

So this is the first piece, a Bavarian Castle using a Kibri Z Scale Railway model.

Not a bad model although some of the fits weren't the best and involved a fair bit of green stuff.

Castle with a couple of US Engineering units parked up. The Castle was based on one of the large 2mm MDF Scenic Bases from East Riding Miniatures. They do a great range of different size bases.

Close up showing the engineering units at the base of the castle walls.

The communications tower is made from a HO/OO scale street light from a fantastic little shop I found in Barcelona which sold huge amounts of model railway stuff. It is based on a 1p coin so it can be repositioned if required. The idea being the castle can be used as a communications centre and therefore be an objective during games.

The other side of the castle.

Close up of the other side

The main gate and guard house

A close up view of the Communications Tower

An aerial view of the castle.

Still got a few finishing touches to do like the window shutters and windows.

Thanks for looking.

Richard P


  1. Great looking castle Richard.


    Richard Naylor

  2. Nice! Something worth fighting for - good objective.



    1. Hi Andy,

      Thanks mate. I plan to add a couple of SA-3 launchers and a Fan Song radar array from CinC just to make it even more of an objective. One that can't be ignored and must be taken at all costs.

      Hope you are well, enjoying your foray into ACW at the moment.



  3. Fantastic, great looking piece.

  4. Nice looking models - I've added you to my Feedly/Reeder accounts